Lippmann L520s-2 and L520s-3 Screens

Delivering superior outcomes for various products

The Lippmann finishing product screens produce high-quality results for high-production screening across a variety of products. The cutting-edge design, which is available in double deck and triple deck configurations, guarantees uniform and maximum material coverage throughout the screens and provides the best efficiency for material separation in the category.

The capacity to adapt to a variety of material applications, such as aggregate, mining, sand and gravel, and coal screening, is made possible by features such as changing screenbox angles. The L520s-2 and L520-3 mobile track-mounted screens are the obvious option for high productivity since they have the highest quality requirements and component components.


  • wear plates in the chutes and hopper
  • auxiliary circuit
  • kit for remote speed control and start/stop
  • rinser ready
  • functional lights
  • tough-flex belt on the feeder
  • belt scraper
  • hopper door (LF-302)
  • warranty of 4 years and 6,000 hours
  • engine options vary - speak with your salesperson

Performance Specifications

Model Hopper volume Engine Size Top deck Middle deck Bottom deck
L520s-2 10.01 m³ CAT C4.4 (127HP) 6.100 x 1.524 mm


5.490 x 1.524 mm

L520s-3 10.01 m³ CAT C4.4 (127HP) 6.100 x 1.524 mm 6.100 x 1.524 mm

5.490 x 1.524 mm


Screen angle Adjust. speed Stroke adjust.
20-30° YES 6 - 10 mm


Dimension Specifications in mm

For transportation
Model Height Width Length Weight (est.)


3.400 (tracked)

3.680 (wheeled)

2.900 18.450 ca. 36.500 kg


3.450 (tracked)

3.730 (wheeled)

3.220 18.450 ca. 36.000 kg


Find more technical specifications from the downloadable leaflet.