Lippmann 50sf feeder stacker

The most compact version of our stacker feeders

The 50sf, is the most compact version of our stacker feeders and has been built on 3.5 m long tracks.

Standard features

  • dual power is available
  • hydraulic system that uses little fuel
  • easy-to-use hydraulic controls
  • hopper extensions that boost capacity
  • a discharge height that is hydraulically adjustable up to 6.5m
  • 3.5 meter tracks
  • head section that folds hydraulically reducing setup time


  • sand and gravel
  • aggregates
  • compost
  • topsoil
  • C&D waste
  • coal

Performance Specifications

Hopper Stockpile height Conveyor width Engine power
6 m³ 9.600 mm

1200 mm*

95 kW

* adjustable speed

Dimension Specifications in mm

For transportation Weight (est.)
Height Width Length in kg
2.600 2.300 11.980 14.500