Tesab TS1340 2-deck scalping screen

Ideal for contractors who don't need greater capacities but still want good screening performance

Contractors who don't want higher capacities but still need excellent screening performance will love the TS1340.

It's in a league of its own with one of the greatest stockpile heights and largest screening surfaces available on the market. Additionally, we made sure that it is simple for you to transport and you're not in for extra transportation or downtime costs.

You'll have to go far to find a mid-range scalper / reclaimer that is more effective, dependable, and highly productive than the TS1340.


  • 3.66m x 1.37m screening surface bringing excelling screening performance
  • one of the most trustworthy devices on the market thanks to high-quality components
  • quick setup and affordable to transport
  • ideal for contractors seeking mobile screening that is adaptable and portable


Performance Specifications

Max feed volume Engine Size Top deck Bottom deck
450 TPH* CAT 100HP (75kW) 3.66 x 1.37m

3.46 x 1.37m

* Depending on the density of the material and settings of the screen

Dimension Specifications in mm

For transportation In operation Weight (est.)
Height Width Length Width Length in kg
3.200 2.550 13.040 12.230 12.720 25.000