Tesab TS2430 2-Decks Screen

A compact screen capable of delivering capacity

The TS2430 is a unique machine within its class of screens and ideal for whom is looking for a compact screen but still needs capacity. fits into a unique screener class. It is ideal if you want more from your machine but don’t want excessive running costs.

Comparing the TS2430 2-deck screen with some if its bigger competitors, it can easily handle similar capacities. Its superior design and 4.2m x 1.52m screen, performs in many different applications, and especially excels in fine sand screening.

So, if you are looking for a compact screen, capable of delivering capacity and with a great ROI, the TS2430 is your perfect match. We are convinced that you’ll be surprised by what this machine will offer you.


  • 4.2m x 1.52m screening surface handling similar capacities as many of its larger competitor screens
  • 1200mm feed conveyor ensuring high capacity and high quality screening
  • hydraulic screenbox linkage system ensuring optimum screen coverage at different angles
  • a wide range of applications in which this machine works excellently well

Performance Specifications

Max. feed volume Engine Size Top deck Bottom deck
500 TPH* CAT 100HP (75kW) 4.27 x 1.52m

3.66 x 1.52m

* Depending on the density of the material and settings of the screen

Dimension Specifications in mm

For transportation In operation Weight (est.)
Height Width Length Width Length in kg
3.400 2.900 16.520 15.840 17.320 27.200