Tesab 700ie hybrid electric track-mounted jaw crusher

Based on the 700i-model, the 700ie Hybrid offers better fuel efficiency and cost effectiveness, still able to go over 350 t/h

The 700ie hybrid electric jaw crusher model is around 33% more fuel efficient than the 700i-version and can operate at 70% lower costs.

Working on fuel, the machine consumes less than 20 litres per hour. Connected to the electricity grid, running costs are still significantly lower.

A 3 year warranty on main electric components is part of the standard package along with new features such as Auto Unblock & Reverse Crusher Operation, Custom Panel Enclosure with Intergrated Air Conditioning & 10″ Display Control Panel with Mobile App & Remote Acces!

Feed the machine by excavator, or integrate this 700ie within the range of secondary crushers or screens.


  • up to 350+ tonnes per hour depending on the density of the material and crusher settings
  • 33% more fuel efficient
  • 70% lower operating costs than the 700i
  • CAT C7.1 225kW removeable Genset with uprated alternator
  • 3 year warranty on main electric components

Performance Specifications

Production Rate Max Feed Size Reduction Ratio Engine Size Pre Screen
350 TPH* 700 mm up to 4:1

CAT7.1 225kW

Stage 5 with Genset


* Depending on the density of the material and settings of the crusher

Dimension Specifications in mm

For transportation In operation Weight (est.)
Height Width Length Width Length in kg
3.400 2.940 14.300 5.590 16.080 47.500