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Tesab 700ie electric mobile jaw crusher

Lippmann and Tesab offer a crusher range to suit any operation. Jaw crushers to crush primary rock, impact crushers for primary, secondary & tertiary applications and cone crushers to complete the range for the mining, quarrying and recycling sectors.

Innovative design and unmatched features optimize crushing process, bringing the highest production values across all industries, and around the world. Both brands combine heavy duty build design for longevity with cutting-edge, innovative design elements for consistently excellent performance and return on investment.


Mobile Jaw Crushers

Power and productivity are combined in our line of mobile jaw crushers, which are designed to smash primary rock at the quarry face. We provide a selection of heavy-duty alternatives particularly developed for hard rock applications in the quarry business, in addition to a more streamlined, maneuverable selection geared towards the contractor market.

Machine Brand Production rate (TPH)* Max Feed Size (MM) Prescreen Est. weight (KG) More info
1060j Lippmann 400 700  YES  48.500 1060j
1150j Lippmann 400       1150j
1200j Lippmann 400  700  YES 70.200  1200j
500i Tesab 110 500   YES 23.850  500i
600i Tesab 225  610   YES 34.600  600i
700i Tesab 350 700  YES 47.500 700i
700ie Tesab 350 700  YES 47.500  700ie
800i Tesab 400+ 800  YES 61.500 800i
800ie Tesab 450 800  YES 63.500 800ie


Mobile Impact Crushers

Making an impact is precisely what our line of impact crushers is made for. They are perfect for some of the hardest applications across the world because of their adaptability and updated design. In primary, secondary, and tertiary applications, both big and small mobile impact crushers are offered to deliver a high-quality shaped product at a low cost per ton.

Machine Brand Production rate (TPH)* Max Feed Size (MM) Reduction ratio Prescreen Est. weight (KG) More info
4244i Lippmann   708   YES 42.200 4244i
4244i-r Lippmann   708   YES  53.408 4244i-r
4654i Lippmann   950   YES  52.900 4654i
4654i-r Lippmann   950   YES  65.730 4654i-r
623CT Tesab 150 200 20:1 YES 26.350 623CT
824T Tesab 200       23.600 824T 
824TR  Tesab 200       26.300  824TR 
1012TS Tesab 350 500 20:1 YES 45.200 1012TS
1125T Tesab 350 800   YES  34.800  1125T
1125TR Tesab 200     YES 41.000  1125TR
1350T Tesab 500     YES 52.900  1350T
1412T Tesab 350 300 20:1 YES 42.700 1412T


Mobile Cone Crushers

Lippmann's  and Tesab's mobile cone crusher range is based on more than a century's worth of crushing knowledge. Their crushers on the market now, include some of the most accurate and effective ones as a consequence of ongoing design improvement. The entire series is intended to generate high quality cubical aggregates, and is best utilized as a secondary crusher being fed by a primary crusher or screen.

Machine Brand Production rate (TPH)* Max Feed Size (MM) Reduction ratio Prescreen Est. weight (KG) More info
200c Lippmann        - 40.470 200c
200c-r Lippmann        - 48.430 200c-r
300c Lippmann        - 52.020 300c
300c-r Lippmann        - 59.200 300c-r
400c Lippmann        - 58.890 (LRC engine) 400c
200TC Tesab  up to 250TPH       40.420


200TCR Tesab  up to 250TPH       52.000 200TCR

* depending on the density of the material and crusher settings